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    I just got my centro and activated the data plan but I am unable to log on into the internet or get into the broadband access network. I get an error message "an error occured opening the network connection". Is there something I need to change in the settings or do I just simply call verizon to solve this problem?
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    Try removing battery, if it still does not work call vzw. I assume you are in a good coverage area.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I did a soft reset but that didn't do anything. I'll try removing the battery. I guess I'll be making a call to cs. And yes my coverage is good.
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    Called tech support and couldn't figure out what happened so I did a hard reset, which I figured it would have to be done as the last resort, and all is good...up and running with my $23.99 data plan(20% thru my work)
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    Good to hear your Centro is back up on the network. I had my vzw Centro since friday and I'm lovin it.
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    I'm lovin mine too, Miles. Still in the process of uploading all my programs and and files and still reading up on which e-mail client to use. It's a fun process

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