Once I install Mvoicemail...
When I go to set it up I use my gmail Mail Client (I don't even know what that means)
After I set it up I go to "menu" Then I click on "refresh"
It then tells me to "please wait" and it starts "getting message 1/177" "analyzing" the messages and it says it's getting 1/177
when it gets to 2/177... it resets my phone. Do any of you have this problem???
Can I use chatter mail with this App???

If I click on "use default email client" under mail account settings...
it then tells me:

" To listen to your voicemail messages, please go to your E-mail application and open the voicemail attachment"
How do I do that???
can I do it from Chatter???
Why is my phone resetting???

I had my Gmail address set up as IMAP on chatter.
So then I switched it to a Gmail POP3 (same user name)
and then I went into Mvoicemail and clicked refresh (with the gmail pop3)
and it still reset my phone.
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