SMS Machine 1.03 - June 25, 2008

1. NEW: Added Pickup & Hangup action feature.

NOTE: Most of the time, call centers will try to sell anything through our phone in an irritating repetitive manner. When these calls are set to "Block", then our phone number is listed as "active" in their directories. But when mobile phone makes pickup and hangup, they don't try it again (in most cases).

2. NEW: Log all incoming nos. to a text file option. This logs the numbers from ALL incoming SMS and calls. Designed to help and determine the right pattern of the mobile numbers to be used on the Auto-answer rules.

NOTE: On some network, No Caller ID is just a plain blank incoming number. But on some, No Caller ID is a plain exclamation mark (!) or any other character. So if you are on the latter's network and set a rule to block a [No Caller ID], it won't work. The solution is to set a Phone Number rule with exclamation mark (!) as the phone number. Since ! is the No Caller ID for this particular network. This also applies to all incoming numbers. If the rule you set does not work, then you should check the exact format of the incoming SMS sender and caller' number through enabling this option.

3. NEW: Built-in viewer for the Normal Text Log (item #2.).

4. NEW: Hide password option.

5. IMPROVED: If the Preference Password Protect is enabled, any item in the attention manager requires a password as well.

6. Added: “All Days” and “24 Hours” buttons on the When tab.

7. Added: “Edit” context menu.

8. FIXED: Minor category bug.

9. FIXED: Bug while menu is active in log.

10. FIXED: Bug where the items in the Attention Manager are not removed if Delete All Logs has been pressed.

11. FIXED: Bug on blocking some No Caller ID or Restricted number by using the Log all incoming nos. to a text file option (item #2).

12. FIXED: Error 75: Telephony Error on some Treo.

13. FIXED: Load library error on some Treo.

14. FIXED: Pickup and Hangup when Notify using Attn Manager is disabled.

15. FIXED: Autoreply with SMS now displays and transfers the incoming SMS to the default SMS handler.

Special thanks to great friends who made this version possible..and yes they are all-star:

» Jeff of GoTreo
» Rob of Hobbyist Software
» GreenHex of TreoTown
» John Mayer
» Jeff Meyers
» Thomas Weiland
» Mazlan Ujang

You may get the update through the SMS Machine on-board updater or directly download it from our website.