So, after doing some digging around and reading, I think I have figured out why the Google Map "My Location" feature will not work. Palm won't let it.
Sprint already has a My Location functionality through their Sprint Family Locator service. It runs by a API program which uses Tower ID to triangulate the position of the phone you are tracking. It is not pinpoint accurate but gets you fairly close to the location.
Now, if Sprint has this API that is able to work on most phones but not the older Treos, why hasn't Palm integrated this API into the older Treo phones?
My thoughts: future of Palm's target market, money and/or lack of knowledge. Palm is not interested in supporting the older Treos and especially after late 2009. This will be, in theory, when the new OS based on Linux will be in the market. They are counting on the "ditch that antiquated piece of junk" mentality of the users. In addition, it cost time, money, and resources to implement these new features. It is a sad commentary on their lack of willingness to have 2 or 3 developers that still have knowledge of the current PalmOS (and this could be an issue since there are few left and they are transitioning to the new OS) work to implement this new feature for those of us that do not desire to trade in our currently working and still viable phones for the newest piece of technology. Hey Palm, some of us cannot afford it and tend to use our phones for more than 2 years at a time.
I think this issue (Google Maps) summarizes PalmOS' current attitude towards its consumers: A) If there is not enough money to be made and it is not broken, it will not be addressed or recognized. B) If they want it now, they can get the cheaper piece of crap (Centro) on which it actually works but at the sacrifice of speed and power or move to a GSM provider. C) If A or B do not apply, the users can wait until the next piece of technology we are inventing to get it.
So your options going forward are: switch to a inferior phone, switch to a different service provider that has GSM and give up your speedy connection and cheap SERO plan, or wait until the new phones come out in '09.
Me? I'm using the nuclear option. I've been using Palm PDA and Treos since '97 and I'm done with Palm. I'll wait until my contract is done with Sprint in Nov., look at their phone lineup (the Instinct is looking really good) and decide if I am going to stay with Sprint (who has been a great provider to me since '99) or switch to a different provider who can offer me a phone by a manufacturer who offers updates in a timely manner and a regular basis to roll out new functionality and features. HTC, Apple, Nokia, even Motorola at this point to name a few.
Intelligent comments and discussions are welcome as replies to this post.