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    How can I get events from iCal to Palm Desktop to my VZW Centro?

    This may (probably) be impossible, but if anyone can let me know or point me to a previous thread that discussed this issue, i would appreciate it.

    Also, if I just charge the hell out of the battery (all night every night, all day every day at work, etc) like I think is suggested on the Palm website, will this battery get better? I know that it is sub-par, and I am not expecting too much, but just wondering if anyone had any knowledge with this.

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    Anybody got anything to offer?

    At least on the battery part, I am at work now, charger in hand, waiting for directions from you guys.

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    you can absolutely take iCal to Centro and sync the Centro calendar and iCal calendar.. it requires firing up and using iSync (also on your computer) and "Enabling Palm OS Syncing" and selecting your desired preferences for what syncs. You can sync your Entourage, iCal, etc with using iSync.

    as for battery, mine is on a charger at all times I am home.... all night, if not used, whatever. not sure if it will get better... but it is what I have always done in case I have to roll out, it is always charged.
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    allright, thanks for that.
    new to syncing as this is first smartphone (good marketing and price point palm)

    i will try the isync when i get home and hopefully will be able to figure it out (doesnt sound too hard)

    i guess i am just going to charge the hell out of it and hope for improved batt. life because it is draining fast.

    question: when i received it (bought it from circut city yesterday), it was almost all the way out of battery and the guy at the counter said that it was one that they had for a few days but werent allowed to sell until yesterday (so they had some they had just received that day, but he gave me the one they had already had inthe back)
    so, is it common to have it come to me with almost no battery?
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    yeah... low battery at purchase time really means nothing I would say
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    You can not sync iCal and Mac Address Book to a Centro unless you buy "The Missing Sync" from Mark/Space for $40. Anyone have a coupon code?

    Edit: This turned out not to be true. Please see eTard's directions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yirk View Post
    You can not sync iCal and Mac Address Book to a Centro unless you buy "The Missing Sync" from Mark/Space for $40. Anyone have a coupon code?
    Not true and not exactly what I said.. now, unless there is some issue with the Centro specifically, versus say a Treo 650, you should be able to sync iCal as was the original question with iSync. I know because I have done it. I have synced, using iCal and Address book, to my 650 AND I just used iSync and setup my new Centro and all is ready to sync using iSync and my Centro shows up in the iSync settings and it allows me to select Addresses and Calendars.

    To do so, you need Palm Desktop 4.2.1, iSync, iCal, Address book.

    And further, for the record:

    "iSync is synchronization software that helps you manage contact and calendar information on your Mac OS computer and devices, such as an iSync-compatible Bluetooth or USB mobile phone, a Palm OS device, or an iPod.

    iSync compares the contact and calendar information on your computer with the address and contact information on your devices, and then updates your computer and devices to have the same information. For example, if you change someone's email address on your phone and then use iSync to sync the phone with your computer, the email address will be changed in any applications on your computer that work with Mac OS X synchronization services (for example, Address Book), and have a record for that same person.

    For iSync to work, you need to store your contacts and calendar information in an application that works with Mac OS X synchronization, such as Address Book or iCal. You also need to set up your devices in iSync on the computer with which you plan to sync (you should sync your phone and Palm OS device with only one computer). Once your devices are set up correctly, you'll see them in the iSync window."

    Apple also shows that for "Palm One phones and PDAs you can sync Address Book, Calendar, ToDo's".. and again, I know, I have absolutely done this! I also know of Missing Sync, anyone with a Palm on a Mac should, and have never purchased it.
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    This is good news. I'm going to try again.
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    Thanks eTard. It worked just like you explained it. That is great news!

    All the best,

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    glad it worked

    but I kinda knew it would
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    thanks for hashing that out, looking foward to getting everything sync'd up this weekend.
    will report back with questions/comments.

    one more, newbie here:
    so i can bypass the palm desktop?
    i have installed it, but could i just plug up the centro via usb and then the mac will recognize it and prompt me to select what to sync??

    will report back with questions/comments.
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    Also, what about syncing music

    I know it has been discussed at lenght other places, but can i take my iTunes, burn x CD and then load it back up as an AAC file and that will be readable?
    From there, how does it get to the centro-i dont have windows media player-all this on a mac.
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    palm desktop MUST be there as it is where the conduits live that support talking to the Palm and syncing in the first place. so, you must have it installed. it is like a gateway for it all to work (iSync, iCal, etc.) since it is where the conduits live which is how it syncs.

    music.... I cannot comment as I never have nor would use my phone as a music player. I have an ipod and no phone can top that (but iPhone). but I would suspect I would just take the music and use like a card reader and carry over the music to an SDHC card to save space on the Centro and play it from there.
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    got it to sync, thanks for the help

    is it possible to get the colors of my iCal to sync with my centro?

    thanks for the help
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    yeah.. I am pretty positive my colors carried right over. can't remember if you had to set them up in iCal - I think so - but I use many colors (red, blue, green, yellow, etc) to set out events and they show up in iCal and match my Centro.
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    hey etard--
    having a problem getting it to transfer color over from iCal to centro still.

    next time you sync up, (time permitting) could you take a look and see if there is any glaring options or anything that are checked/unchecked or whatever so i can try and get to the bottom of this. thanks for the help
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    hey mabus, i was curious did you happen to get music synced and if so, how?
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    So, I'm new to this world and I believe that I have done everything correctly, however when I'm trying to sync the info in the calendar on my palm centro it doesn't' always pick up the changes I have made in the centro and add them to ical and vice versa. (It seems to do so randomly, and puts multiple copies of some events the more I sync, and then completely skips others... I thought this might have something to do with using multiple calendars so I have narrowed all my calendars down to just home and work...)

    I also deselected 'addresses' in the isync conduit yet it still pulled all of my husband's contacts from address book overwriting the contacts in my centro (something I was trying to avoid, but realize that I may not be able to...) If I deselect addresses, shouldn't it skip the address book contact syncing?

    Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

    Note: I was not previously using ical, but Entrouage, and first had to sync Entourage with ical. Could there be something there that is fouling me up?

    I also am waiting for a call back from Palm and am considering just wiping everything out and starting over...
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    I just got a centro as well. the first time i used isync it transferred my addresses just fine. now for the last few times ive hotsynced my centro, it does not copy the new addresses i added into Address Book. Is there something i need to reset?
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    I am with joefa88. just got my centro yesterday the first time I used isync the addresses came over to my address book but nothing with the calender and it actually said as I enabled palm that the conduit for calender was being disabled and moved to library. I am using Leopard so I know that there is a known problem but from this thread was hoping I could still get Ical to sync. Any help would be wonderful. eTard what os are you using? Is that the difference or as normal is it just me? Thanks again in advance.
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