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    Guys I have a BIG problem.

    So I have always used the World Clock alarms on my Centro without problems and it is my only alarm and worked great.

    I installed chattermail and everything was still running great.

    Than all of a sudden today the alarm didn't work and I overslept work!
    What happens is that the screen for the alarm comes up, it goes of for a nanosecond and then something just silences it and it doesn't ring anymore.

    Taking the battery out and then back in restores it back to normal for some time and then this problem happens again! Once I uninstalled chatteremail the problem disappeared and the alarm is working nicely again.
    I played around with all of the different notification settings in chatteremail and can't fix it. This is also the only program I have installed that constantly runs, not Butler etc... I would really appreciate some help because I enjoy chatteremail (although it sucks up batteries like crazy) but just can't use it because of the alarm. Thanks.
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    You first problem may be using world clock for your alarm. I suggest you give Butler a try. You can even set multiple alarms, plus many other functions that are must haves. I have used the world clock but use chatter and haven't had any issue with it thus far. Once again, check out butler by Hobbyistsoftware.
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    did u play around with alert killer option under preferences - system?
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    I use both Chatter and the World Clock as well without any issues. Good suggestion from gadgetfreak to check out the Alert Killer preference in Chatter. I don't use that feature but I could see how it might mess with the alarm.

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