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    I dont understand why the new Google Maps for PalmOS that has My Location support is not available for the 680.

    I use the 3rd party add-on from which works fine with Google Maps. I would like the option of running the latest GMM.

    Hopefully someone can hack the new version of GMM for the Centro to work on the 680.
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    My understanding is there's hardware difference between the Centro and older treo models. Then again who really knows...
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    The new GMM version works on the centro, and with the utility. It just doesn't support the new features internally. My question is: what API is the Razic app using, and is there a way to hack GMM to think the Treo is a Centro? Regardless, we still do have the basic functionality.
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    Anyone have some news about this thread?
    MyLocation ins't work with Google Maps
    There are some way or new app to use My Local for Treo 680?
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    Sorry, forget about, I reinstalled MyLocation again and it works now!

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