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    hi all,

    I have an important question and need as accurate an anwer as possible: I recently got a new Blackberry Curve from AT&T to replace my ancient HP jornada 560 pocket PC. I'm actually happy with the Blackberry, but found that syncing with Microsoft outlook is extremely slow. Takes 30-40 seconds, even if i make one little change, such as enter a new task in outlook. Now with my 5+ years old Pocket PC, syncing with Outlook was virtually intantaneous. What I mean is that every time i connected my pocket pc it would recognize in about 3 seconds if anything needed to sync, and if so, it would do it in about 2seconds. Also, any changes i made to data on the device or in outlook while connected, both would be updated instantaneously without me having to push any sync button or do anything. But with the blackberry, if i make one change in outlook, not only does the device not update automatically, i have to push sync, and then it takes a full 40 seconds again to make that single little change.

    So my question is this: how is the sync experience of the centro with outlook? Is it automatic and instantaneous? By the way, I currently have about 270 address book items, and 200 or so calendar entries, and 20some tasks, and 10 or so notes. thanks for any feedback.
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    hello again,

    could someone please answer my question? How quick is syncing the centro with outlook? Is it instantaneous like a PocketPC?
    thanks, would really appreciate any feedback, as i'm considering dumping the blackberry since it takes about a minute to sync every time, even if i make one little change like add a new contact. thanks!

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