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    I have been hearing more and more about Mapopolis and was wanting some input from you guys. I recently started using MapQuest in conjunction with AvantGo and to put Maps on my Prism. Do any of you feel that Mapopolis offers a superior product for very casual use of maps on a PDA? I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has tried both and has opinions.
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    Both programs are useful, and they serve different purposes. Mapquest helps you get to a specific place from a specific place. Mapopolis gives you maps of whole counties, and lets you find out where you are and where you want to go. All you have to do is move around the map to find a way there. It's easier for me to use printed out Mapquest maps than try to bring up the directions and read them off my palm while I'm driveng. Once, I got confusing directions from Mapquest, but Mapopolis saved the day, or at least some time. I payed $3 to get the ability to search for actual addresses (not just streets and intersections, which is free to do) within my county. The only warning is that the maps take up quite a bit of space--especially with the ability to search for addresses.
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    Carguy is right. Both programs serve a slightly different purpose. I'd sum it up this way. If you are driving to your destination then I'd suggest using a printed version of Mapquest or MapBlast ( I prefer over MapQuest). If you are able to walk around town then Mapopolis is my prefered method since you can do so much more with it "on board" then by chance not having done a proper search before leaving your desktop.

    My ultimate use is awaiting a Novatel wireless modem for my M505 and then using MapBlast for all my "live" directional needs.

    The great thing about Mapopolis is that it is permanent but you do have to have the county downloaded that you will be "touring". I'd have a tendence to think that it would be quicker for syncing purposes then using Avantgo/MapQuest when you are pressed for time before departing provided that you did have the county already downloaded on your hard drive.

    I have found that both databases are just about as accurate as the other with perhaps a slight edge to least in my hometown of Modesto, CA. Can't speak for other areas but both MapQuest and MapBlast have the same error in Modesto and both have not fixed it since I have notified them. Mapopolis does not have the error.
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    Both apps are useless to me until they have Canadian maps. To my knowledge there is no such thing a a Canadian map for the Palm...

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    We Canadians always get left behind. No VisorPhone, no GPS, No Wireless. Sucks.
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    Marmosets in Canada? You did mean marmots right? And the yak is the musk ox, correct?

    Anyway, I like Mapopolis but I can't say it is better than Mapquest. Sounds like carguy knows what he is talking about. I like being able to make my own maplets in Mapopolis though!
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    Both apps are useless to me until they have Canadian maps. To my knowledge there is no such thing a a Canadian map for the Palm...
    You have roads way up in Canada?

    actually, has Canadian maps. Not sure how you would get those on a PDA via Avantgo, though.
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