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    What drawing/doodle/post-it programs have you tried, and what do you use? Please be specific about what you're using it for.

    For myself, I use Diddlebug. I do not really draw with it. Instead, I use it as post-it notes and reminders. I'll scribble a map, or take short notes.

    The feature I use the most? If I'm setting an appointment or putting an action item in a memo, or whatever, I can do a graffiti stroke that will transfer that screen into Diddlebug. Then I can doodle a note across that screen and set an alarm for it. So I can be putting an appointment into datebook (e.g., "Put together review meeting"), do a graffiti stroke to get that screen into Diddlebug, scribble a note to myself (e.g., "Check Bob's calendar") and set an alarm so that screen pops out a few hours later.

    At this point, the only thing more I could ask is if when I wrote freehand, the writing would be a bit more legible. I realize that the screen size and resolution severely limits what could be done here, but perhaps some auto-smoothing on obvious curves in a letter, or straightening straight lines would help a lot.
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    I like Diddle, myself -- the drawing-only relative of DiddleBug.
    I even drew my avatar with it.
    And, the people in my cartoonist group that looked at the printout I made seemed impressed. I think they liked the idea of a portable electronic drawing pad.
    I use it to sketch and doodle and figure out minor graphic ideas. I like that I can draw a part of something, get it the way I want it, then duplicate it to add to or modify it without messing up a part I like. The skull went thru five pieces as I refined it.

    The downside to Diddle is that I had a lot of difficulty getting the images onto my desktop ( I have a Mac, but access to a PC, on which I tried three diff. programs -- only the DOS one worked).
    bblue suggested GrayPaint and TealPaint as alternatives, both of which I've loaded but have yet to use. Greypaint has a lot of tools and is intimidating, and has no conduits at all that I know of; TealPaint has a PC conduit and a MAc extraction program, plus the Mac app GraphicConvertor will recognize TealPaint images.
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    I use DiddleBug as post-it notes to take down short messages too. I also use it to draw when I get bored at work.
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    I use Simple Sketch for doodling, and taking notes. It's a pretty full-featured drawing program, but TealPaint may even be better.
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    You might want to consider DrawIt which is a pretty damn nice drawing utility. But that is all it does. It doesn't make notes etc. However if your wanting serious drawing power, that one is the cat's meow. It's the photoshop of the Palm OS apps. I like their customizing utility for the interface too.

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    MemoPlus allows you to draw and attach the drawing to notes with or without alarms. The drawings do not sync to desktop. . Epaint is another for drawings, but no syncing.
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    I love bug-me. Since the day I bought it, my visor is now the bug-me machine. I never run out of uses for it.
    Bug me makes the Visor ten times as useful the second you install it.

    It syncs perfectly to the desktop (drawings, not alarms, you must export the note to datebook for that).

    It includes a hack to take a screenshot then write a note on it and add an alarm (like open a contact, take a screenshot, jot on the screenshot or simply set an alarm for when to call them). It also has a hack to make bug me pop up over whatever app you are using without exiting it first.

    There are plug-ins for it so you can export to the built in apps. For example, you jot a note and set an alarm for it, then export to calendar. Once exported the alarm time is set in the date book for hotsync with outlook and whatever text you enter in the note exported shows up there too.

    One of the coolest things is jotting a phone number. When someone rattles off a number, I quickly open bug-me (mapped to the to do button). I jot the note and set an alarm reminding me a few minutes later to put it in the contacts list, which is easier considering that I can open bug-me with the hack without closing the new contact dailog.

    Full color support for background color and lines.
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    I really like BugMe too. Jeff- how do you export to the datebook- that's one of the only things I don't like- that I can't use the notes I write in another program. I also wish the BugMe viewer that runs on your PC would show the list view of your notes. But other than that- I use mine alot too. I have the BugMe messenger version and can send my notes via e-mail. That's kind of fun- people wonder what did you use to send that?!
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    Originally posted by Marcy Fields
    how do you export to the datebook
    the actual drawing in the note doesnt export, just any text you put into the note or on the line in the export dialog.

    When you download the program and unzip it, there is a folder called "plug ins". Install what ever plug in you think you will need. I only use the datebook one. I never could get the address book one to work the way I wanted it to.

    Open the note you want to export, tap the little drop down list icon under the little house icon (lower left silkscreen button). Under note, tap "transfer note". Choose which program to export to with the little icon. Add any text to include in the exported note. Tap OK.
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    I use BugMe! as well and love it. The only thing I like about Diddlebug that BugMe! doesn't seem to have is the ability to countdown an alarm. In Diddlebug you can set a date and time and in the note screen it tells you how many days, hours, minutes and seconds before the alarm goes off. Am I missing something here in BugMe? I only recently downloaded it so I may have missed it but I don't think so.

    I love the features like thumbnail screens etc but I have some countdown messages so I need to keep Diddlebug installed for those at the moment.


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