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    Hello everyone - my company is making the switch from MS Exchange Server 2003 to 2007. I have been using ChatterEmail for a while now (I love the application) but unfortunately it is not compatible with Exchange 2007.

    I have tried to find an application that will handle e-mail on this platform - I do not want contacts or calendar sync - just e-mail. I have looked around and I have not been able to find a solution. Anyone know of one?
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    Versamail seems to work, but as far as I can tell, no folders, just the inbox.
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    Why do you say it is not compatible? Some of my preliminary research indicates it CAN work with the right configuration. I have read that people have gotten it to work though I have also read that Marc (the developer of chatter) said it doesn't work. But I think that is more because it is no longer supported and was never tested with Exchange 07. I sure hope I can get it to work because we are switching too. But, it is my own small business so I have full access to all the Exchange settings.
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    Here is a little more information that I received from our IT department - the problem has to do with the inability of the Palm OS to handle Subject Alternative Name certificates.

    Historically, we've supported and implemented only HTTP (and in our case,
    HTTPS) for its stability, ease of support and it keeps our security profile
    low-key; securing one protocol is safer and easier than securing many. One of the limitations we've uncovered is the Palm OS's inability to handle SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificates. Rather than having multiple front end servers and many different SSL certificates for the services that Exchange 2007 provides, we chose to configure the system with one SAN SSL certificate. We did not anticipate the Palm OS not supporting it.

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