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    On my Sprint 755 about 2 weeks ago I started getting "Yahoo You have been disconnected from the server" when I try to log into Yahoo IM with Mundu.
    As a backup I tried to use the included Sprint IM program, but it said an update was required, but after 30 attempts and the download always failing I am left with no IM software for Yahoo.

    Anyone else have problems with Mundu?

    This Treo 755 is such a sad example of a smartphone in this day and age. Palm deserves to go under, they've earned it (venting).
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    Download the update in this thread
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    thanks, I'll work on that. Unfortunately on my POS phone I've tried the download 5 times thus far and it nevers finishes before I get an error that the download failed. i should be able to do this after 2 or 3 soft resets and some other magic. I
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    Try the check for upgrades option within Mundu

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