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    I've got a Treo 680 and I can't get it to sync the contacts in Outlook. I have Vista and I installed the new software and I couldn't get it to sync to Palm Desktop at all (It would freeze in contacts) so I switched to sync to Outlook (I changed the PIM conduit to sync to Outlook) and now it will sync everything but contacts. It gives an error in the log that says "Outlook Contacts synchronization aborted". Can anyone help me? I still have my contacts on my pc in Palm Access as well and don't know how to move them to Outlook. I would like to change everything to Outlook as I'm getting tired of trying to make the Palm software work.

    I have had it working on this pc and it just all of a sudden one day quit!


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    It soudns like you have a corrupt contacts database. Search for corrupt database and use one of the utilities to check for it.
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    How do I search for a corrupt database?
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    i'm on my treo so searhes for me are a pain. At the top of the forum sreen, you should see a button for search. Use corrupt database and you should ffind plenty of info. I think the programs you want are alled dbscan or dbfixit or something along those lines.

    Google should also provide you information.

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