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    My Son Gave Me His Old Palm 650 When He Upgraded. The System Is Locked Out And All Of The Codes He Gave Me To Try Have Failed. It Is Very Unlikely He Ever Changed The System Lockout Code, So I Am Wondering If There Is A Default Code To Unlock The Treo. Also, If You Know, Do The Services That You Find On Ebay Really Work To Unlock A Phone Or Is That Service Jus To Unlock The Service From One Phone Company To Another.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by the treo being locked, if he switched his phone from that 650 to his new phone, the ESN is no longer locked; it is available to be used by another phone company. Did he buy the treo "locked" to a certain service provider like Verizon or Sprint? If so, they you need to maintain a contract with that same company if you want to use that phone. If you mean that he had a security code on the phone that he can't remember, just do a hard reset of the phone and it will wipe everything off. Which service provider was he with on the treo and are you trying to use it with the same company?
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    Is it just the phone component that you are "locked out" of. Can you access the calendar etc?

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