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    I got my 7th treo 755p yesterday (non working key. insurance swap). Sprint gave me a nib instead of refurb with extra battery from old unit!!! That made me prett happy customer.

    Anyway, back to the point. I restred as my previous one (stock plus mundu, versamail from centro) except DUN hack, boot up time takes almost 1/3 of what it used to take, app to app swith got whole lot faster, and the most improvment I see is a lot faster blazer browsing speed and no lags even running mundi I'm in background..

    only thing that I noticed was this unit is hardware rev B.. or is it dun hack that I was using slowed down?? I've been using treo for 4+ yrs now never had really well working unit like this!!!

    Also I had good 30-40 mins to play with instinct... not even close to iphone nor treo. I hope this unit won't have much problem!!!!
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    Sounds more likely that your prior 755p's had issues, rather than this one being improved. I never really had issues with the boot up time or any of that other stuff on my 755p.
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    What is the "DUN Hack"???

    Thank you.
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    dun = dial up network.
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    hm... all 6 of them had issues??? idk about that... 3 of them had screen issues (dead pixel) but other 3 died on me due to my rough use..

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