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    Hey, just wanted to ask out there about an intermittent problem I'm having on my sprint centro.

    My camera will sometimes have sideways blue/yellow shadowing from left to right.

    I narrowed it down to software by doing a full reset and checking the camera frequently for about 8 hours with no issues. I then used NVBackup to restore everything back to normal.

    I have looked over and over my files with fileZ and deleted unnecesary junk but still no change. After a soft reset the camera works fine for a while.

    The only thing I can find is an extra alarm in Palminternals that shows up and then disappears with the camera problem.

    Palminternals alarm:
    6/20/08 19:06:06 'Boot' arm 200595E1

    I'm really trying to not have to start over and reload everything.

    I guess my question is if anyone knows how to translate the palminternals alarm so I can pinpoint and hopefully repair my camera function.

    Just in case your wondering the same problem occurs in camcorder mode too.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Did more fooling with palminternals and was able to bring my speed test results way up when lighspeed was deleted.

    Camera working fine for now. Problem hopefully solved...

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