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    I'm looking for a game like baseball homerun derby or a basketball game where u can actually control players

    or if someone could send the game that will work on ljp to that would be nice
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    Unfortunaly there really isnt any. Theres absolultey no Basbeall games . One year they came out with Madden football for the Palm but it was so bad ( I had it being a Madden freak) and it was horrid. they didnt do that again. there was a hockey game called world hockey ( Not the NHL) . there was one soccer game but it was just free kicking on the goalie. No basket ball at all . There are a few bowling and one golf game for the Palm os. there ok

    Here is the Hockey game. its ok not terriffic .
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    I too have search around for some sports games and nothing so far. The only sports games I'm able to play are on my LJP emulator. I play all my old nintendo games that I used to play when I was a kid...brought back some memories...RBI Baseball, Tecmo Bowl.....
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    There's Par 72 Golf II, which isn't awful.

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