It's been a while since the last batch of posts about wifight, the free online game server for Centros and PalmOS Treos. Main site:

or point your Palm browser to to download it directly.

Since the last posts, Brennan (aka Basu on wifight) has been hard at work, and there have been major advances in functionality. wifight now offers a rich and extremely smooth gameplay experience. Even if youre not interested in games, it's worth checking out as a model of Palm programming.

New features include:

* New games: I think the only games on offer back at the time of the last posts were Chess and Tic-Tac-Toe. Now Checkers and Dots and Boxes (and Tic-Tac-Toe Play-to-Lose) are available too. New games are being planned.

* Inbuilt chat channel: you can chat to other players in real time.

* Spectating: you can watch or review other players' games. This takes advantage of the inbuilt Games Archive, a (filterable) repository of all wifight games, past and present.

* Multiple alert options: When you're logged in: be alerted to any activity in the Chat Room or in games you're playing/spectating by - vibration/sounds/screen on. When you're logged out: get notified of moves in your own games by email and/or SMS.

* GUI and Help-file improvements: new buttons let you move easily between wifight's 3 main areas (Game Room, Chat Room, Games Archive). The features of each main area are well explained in extensive inline help files (well I hope so, I wrote 'em!).

* Extended website features on the wifight website, including: List of players currently online, records of all games, User Statistics, password recovery, and a developing User Guide (

Brennan has big plans for further major improvements to the wifight system - in fact he still somehow categorises it as in the alpha stage of development - so stay tuned for more news!