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    Yes Versafail i know. But when i click on anything to open the Pop email messages, the 680 resets. This is a new problem in a phone that has been working fine for several months. I went into Filez and found a file called Mulit messages something. I'm assuming if i delete that, i will get the emails out of there.. There are quite a few .. 11.. at this point. I did a search earlier and found a thread about someone that had resets when trying to open attachments. The advice was to go into Filez and delete the file called multi message attachments and that a new file would be formed after a reset. So what do you treo geaks think? Filez.. delete messages in multi messages file and do a soft reset.. Then hope for the best??
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    A bit of a search in the forums will display bunches of answers to your question and you are on track. Before zapping the file, back the device up first and see what happens.
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    hokey dokey it worked..

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