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    The side door on my T680 doesn't close properly, because one of the 2 plastic 'latches' is broken (the top one).

    Do you have any good ideas how I can keep it closed, yet open it when I need to (infrequently).

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    First I would be sure that I removed my battery door anytime I opened the SD card door. On your broken one, I would open the battery door, then try and close the card door so it seems fine and then close the battery door. This seems to hold the card door in the correct position. Just a thought.
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    I had this prob with an old housing

    Use double sided tape, ultra thin ver ... cut a tiny square and place it above the sd card slot and you'll be fine.
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    Buy a "new" housing off ebay, and use that door.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    I have a couple of extra doors with the rubber parts intact. PM sent.
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