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    Has anybody been able to get the .Copy .Paste .ShowAlerts commands to work that are built into PetitLaunch?
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    PetitLaunch does not have Copy, Paste or Show alerts built into it. I've been using PetitLaunch for a long time and never seen these items built into it.

    It's a command based launcher. If it's on an older device with separate copy, paste and show alerts apps or DAs, then you could use it for these.

    The later Treos and Centro have these functions built into them.

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    Mine does. Try going into Command->New->then select System from the drop down box.

    I'm using version 1 build 18.
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    Nevermind. In testing I found those system features only work in certain apps.
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    Yeah, I have 1.0 build 18.

    The items you asked about are not built into PetitLaunch. They are device system items. PetitLaunch can't launch them as they are device system built-ins.

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    Was 1.0 build 17 not the newest?
    Where to get 1.0 build 18?

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    These work in the appropriate places ala Memo app or in any other app that have a data field where you can cut/copy/paste information. You have to highlight the data that you want to operate on and cut/copy/paste and then do the commands. What I have found is that you may have to press the enter button (on my 700p, this is under the delete button). All this is predicated on the fact that you have create commands for these ahead of time. I just called my commands (cut copy paste and I even have 1 for the command bar). Good luck. Cheers!

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