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    I disagree on this point at least, especially if you primarily listen to your iPod over your car stereo. I travel in my car a lot and listen to podasts almost exclusively for a couple of years now -- I can't stand the radio. The Centro has completely replaced my iPod for podcasts, as I think the Centro is better suited to podcast consumption in almost every way. I use Resco Neews to automatically download podcasts (and a bunch of text rss news feeds) each night at 2am, and if a podcast gets updated mid-day, I stream it from Kinoma EX (possibly the best application on my Centro, IMO).

    With my iPod, I would always forget to take it inside to sync it, and be stuck with old shows when I got on the road. That's not an issue with the Centro... I don't have to sync it with a PC at all; it's like an iPod with EVDO (okay that's an iPhone, but only recently )

    Another advantage is that if I lose my place in long (30+ mins) podcast, the iPod fast-forwards very slowly. The slider bar in pTunes and Kinoma are much more suited to quick scans.

    My iPod still rules for music. Even if the Centro supported a 16/32GB card, the iPod interface/clickwheel, and the integration with iTunes, would still prevent it taking over as music device for me.
    I donwloaded Neews for the 14 day trial. How do you set it up so the last 3 unlistened-to Treocentral podcasts are downloaded at midnight? I am so confused between a newspaper, article, feed, etc. Thanks.
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    I don't have an iPod, and never had a dedicated MP3 player. I thought about getting one, but my desire was never that great. The first time I had something to play music was a few years ago when I bought a Palm Zire 72 to replace my previous PDA which had died. The main reason I picked the Zire 72 was because it could play MP3s and had a camera, giving me three devices in one. When I decided to switch up to a Palm smartphone, I got the Centro, which can do just about anything I might typically want to do (phone, PDA, music, pictures, web, e-mail, IM, text messaging, etc.). I think it's a fantastic device.

    That being said, I do think that as a general rule, a device that serves multiple purposes may not be as good as a device that has one function. It might be, but I wouldn't count on it. I typically assume you've got to give up a bit in order to get multiple functions. For example, I'm pretty sure that my Zire's and Centro's cameras aren't as good as a dedicated digital camera. The same for music -- they provide that function, but they may not be as good as an iPod or similar device. However, these devices have the functions and meet my needs well enough, so I'm satisfied with them. Since I generally don't feel like I need the highest quality devices all the time, I'm willing to give up a little in quality for the convenience of consolidating multiple devices into one. Just my thoughts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetfreak View Post
    I donwloaded Neews for the 14 day trial. How do you set it up so the last 3 unlistened-to Treocentral podcasts are downloaded at midnight?
    Yeah it sure seems like they are intentionally trying to confuse people with their awful menu . And them making up terms ("Add Newspaper") doesn't help. And I've never used the "Article" menu... it seems useless.

    This is how I do it. There may be other ways. Basically you want to go to menu -> Feed -> Manage Feeds, and add your podcasts there. Click the Add button and then type the feed's URL ( for the Treocentral podcast). The program will verify the address and fill in the podcast/feed name.

    Next, go back to main program and menu -> Create Newspaper (sigh) -> Select From Existing Feeds -> make sure My Feeds is checked -> the next page shows the feeds you added in Manage Feeds above... put a checkmark next to the feed you're adding -> (ignore everything on the next page and click next).

    This final page is where you set up the schedule (Auto-Update button) and number of podcasts (Articles). If the feed is for a podcast check the "Download Podcasts" box and then click Finish. Your Centro will now sync your podcasts according to your schedule.

    I am so confused between a newspaper, article, feed, etc. Thanks.
    Ignore Resco's terminology as much as possible, especially the "newspaper" term. A "feed" implies RSS feed, which is really just a program that goes out and asks your podcast site every so often if there is a new MP3 to download, and if so downloads it automatically.

    RSS feeds aren't restricted to podcasts. Many news sites/blogs have RSS feeds which will download text, news, articles, pictures, whatever.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!
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    My Centro works great for me as a music player. I listen to almost 8 hours a night of my mp3s and am only now just beginning to use it for internet radio. on the stock battery I'd have about 30% power left, but with the extended battery I usually have 50 % or more! This includes surfing. I can "fly light" with the centro. Am not into apple ipod at all. Centro /Palm offers flexibility and multi usability in one device! Ptunes is a great player and my speakers are plenty loud enough for me.

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    I used to use my Cowon Iaudio X5 as my main player but when I tried listening to music on my Centro with an 8gig card, I find I hardly have to take out my cowon at all. True, the Cowon sounds better and has more memory but for sheer convenience, the Centro wins - not only do I not have to carry 2 separate devices, navigating my song list with a touchscreen and keypad is immensely better than on the cowon.

    Comparing the sound of the Centro to my wife's Ipod, I'd have to say the Centro sounds better, has more features, can play OGG, wma, wav, without the need of using some crazy program like itunes.

    Only negative I see with the Centro is that I have to use an adapter to be able to use regular earphones. Minor issue since they're all over the place.

    Lastly, the Centro plays much louder than most mp3 players (except cowon D2) with volume boost feature.
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