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    Telstra wants $100 to unlock their prepaid Centro (the only one available in Australia right now).

    I had a guy in NZ (New Zealand) enquiring about the centro I have listed on ebay and I've had to tell him the unlocking fee is $100 instead of the $50 I originally thought. It doesn't bother me that I miss the sale because of the annoys me that Telstra can be so greedy!

    It's not like they can't afford to keep their unlock codes at $50, they are the only company with Next G.

    I hope the guy in NZ can find a Centro without having to get %^&*#$ by Telstra (in Australia) first!

    Just a small vent for today.
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    There are a couple of online unlocking services. I have seen reports that at US$19 does work.

    Have a look at this thread,5655.0.html
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    Yeah Telstra's gay!

    3 is worse though, they wanted $299 to unlock a $230 phone
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    OMG! That's just ridiculous!

    I will never be going to 3 now. Not that I was considering it because I need a Next G phone (so I've discovered in the last few weeks).
    Treo 600 -> Treo 750 WM5 -> Treo 650 -> "Glacier" Centro -> Treo 750 WM6 -> Treo Pro
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    I just went out and bought a Centro yesterday, and I'm really happy with it.

    However, I wanted to unlock it without forking out $100 to telstra. I visited the page, and I followed their instructions. It said that my phone could be unlocked, so I once I pay them $19 USD, they'll send me the registration code, and I can continue on my way with the unlocking. It's been 26 hours since I paid my money.

    I even emailed the support address to ask what had happened to my code, as I'd been waiting 3 hours (and the website said it'd only take about an hour), and I got a lovely auto-generated reply saying that it may take up to 48 hours before they reply.

    I'm starting to feel that I've been scammed, and maybe I should've unlocked through telstra.

    Anyone able to shed any light on it for me?
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    The link that I quoted above seems to indicate that at least a couple of people have successfully used their service. Good luck with it.
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    no it is not a scam

    you should enter the registration code in the website.. they will give you an unlock code associate with your IMEI
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    I paid my money, and I'm still waiting for me to send me the registration code back... Or have they already sent it to me, and I'm too dumb to have seen it in my paypal reciept?

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