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    Stopped by VzW today to pickup another car charger for my Treo 650 and was checking out the smaller Centro. Looks like it can do everything the 650 does, but couldn't determine if ActiveSync worked with it. Sales guy gave me the deer in the headlights look. Had to walk away and do some research. Wasn't able to download the manual from Palm. Any help from you fine folks will be most appreciated.

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    Better than the 650....

    The so called "personal" version of Versamail doesn't support push, but the full version does, so that's part of your decision process.
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    Well I've dug around and your right, looks like the Centro works with AS the same way as the 650. I was just puzzled at the store because when I was playing with the account set up on their demo, the pull down menu only showed POP and Outlook EAS. Does that appear after you load the software cd on your laptop and then sync to the phone? Its been a while since I needed to mess around with those settings since my 650 has been pretty much rock solid for the past 2 yrs. I guess I'll pick one up tomorrow and give it a shakedown. thx
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    I don't use ActiveStink... but I think the 29.99 data plan on Verizon does not allow Exchage. For that I believe they make you get the 45$ data plan.

    Anybody confirm that?
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    MS Exchange Direct Push works beautifully. Been using it at work for 6 months without a hitch. And it's free, at least with Sprint.
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    For VZ it would be wireless sync and you need the $44.95 plan. It works great. Syncs e-mail all PIM. I have it a POP account not sure how to go about an MS exchange. If you give 611 a call they will walk you through the set up.

    Edit: Sorry I have been WM for so long now I keep forgetting Versamail and what it does you can get away with $29 plan. If you like wireless sync then stuck with $45 plan.
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    Yes, EAS works with the Verizon Centro. While my wife was the one who actually got the phone for her account, I asked to borrow it for a couple hours before she set it up. I connected to my company's Exchange server and away it went. I've never had "push" mail before, so it was a great experience.

    We didn't have any problems connecting through the $29.99 smartphone data plan but we did have to download the regular edition of Versamail 4.0 (instead of the Personal ed.) using the MyCentro application. (Verizon's WirelessSync is installed by default.)

    NOTE: I did have to install my company's self-signed certificate using the Palm Certificate tool. The link is below.
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    Thank you. The info about using MyCentro and downloading the full VM was very helpful. Works like a charm!
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    I've had good results using GoodLink on a Centro for several months. Just switched over to Versamail and EAS -- so far it works great; battery drain is about the same as GoodLink and my Palm Contacts/Calendar synch wirelessly (YAY!). My biggest problem is that now my backlight occasionally stays lit and have to soft reset my phone to get it to power down.
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    I downloaded VersaMail Personal Edition for my VZW Centro and I'm on the $29.99 data plan. The Bonus tab list both versions (Personal and standard).
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    I can't decide if Verizon is more stupid or evil

    Sprint looks like a saint next to the rest.
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