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    Well I've been using an iPhone now (unlocked on t-mobile) for quite some time but have kept my treo 650 as a back up with how solid it is. Anyway, today I got a bit bored, took it apart and painted the sucker flat black (murdered out in the words of Rob and Big)...

    What do you guys think? not bad for a first go with no prep work.
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    That looks awesome, I was going to just buy the black casing on ebay but I think I may do this instead.
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    Looks very good. The paint, does it affect the radio reception/transmission?
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    no not at all. Service is as strong as ever. I used "Krylon CAMOUFLAGE" paint you can pick up at any auto store. Doesn't require priming and seems to work just fine.

    I used the same spray for the front grill inserts on my BMW and there's no knicking, chips, hell.. the car even gets washed every week..

    Just make sure you're careful when taking this phone apart, there's a video on youtube that'll help you out.

    I'm sure if i spent more time and sanded away the earlier knicks that were in the phone it'd look even better, but oh well.

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