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    There used to be an application for palm os which allowed the treo to "read your memos" aloud when you opened them up. I believe it was called pmemo or vmemo, something along those lines. It was released around the time when the treo 600 appeared. Ive been looking all over for it but havent been able to locate it.

    Does anyone know what this was called or where it may be downloaded from?
    I could really use it at this point for a project i am working on.

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    I don't remember that software. Sorry. But I've got The Talking Moose on my Treo. He reads whatever you type in or cut and paste. Might work until you can find what you really want.
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    There's Talker2 (formerly SymbicTalker) which is FREE and Toysoft's SayIt (which I believe is based on Symbic's software) but it's not free.

    Unfortunately, they sound too robotic and I couldn't find ways to correct the speech since some words were incorrectly pronounced. I haven't really checked it lately, though.

    If you don't need to have it read your memos, you may be better off using a Windows based text to speech program like TextAloud and then converting the text to mp3 and transferring it over. The voice price isn't cheap but way worth it.
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    Thanks for the responses, guys. This is really odd. I used to use this application regularly a couple years ago on my 600, and now I can find it anywhere on the web. Ive searched handango and mobihand sites - nowhere to be found. Weird. I thought this app showed some real value and potential. It looks as if the author pulled it off the web or something.

    Pmemo or Vmemo was the name I think. Hmm. Oh well.
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    Just did a forum search and found it. Its called Pspeak. You can download it from Here was the thread which mentioned it..
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    I attempted to use Pspeak on my old T600 but I found it to be inaccurate. Glad it worked for you.
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    It doesn't work on my 755. Pfft. I can see this being helpful to some people - not all, but to some. The developers just dropped this one like a bad habit and let it die. Analogous to the palm os being dead, I guess.

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