Using a Treo 650, originally Cingular, now AT&T, Windows XP Home SP3.

Moved to DXTG 10 from 8 after being a too early adopter of Office (Outlook) 2007.

Have numerous third party applications, including Gavel and Gown Amicus Attorney SFE2008. This uses conduits from the early V5. Also Zlauncher, iambic Time Reporter and iambic Vehicle Manager.

Docs to Go is fine with photos, pdfs, and (apparently) PPT files. But I cannot open Word or text documents. If operating in RAM and select from the doc list, the screen goes gray momentarily, then returns to the doc list with no message. If I move things onto the card, I then get a wait message for a couple heartbeats with the same ulitmate result.

If I try to bring up the Word or text programs on the DXTG icon bar, same thing. Gray screen for a few seconds, then back to the default doc list screen just like always.

I have completely uninstalled including deleting all folders remaining on the PC, reinstalled, etc. The issue remains.

So, any ideas or experience to share?


Dan Klenke