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    I have downloaded minitones, and added music files in an audio folder to my SD card. However, when I go to minitones and try to add the selected song, my palm restarts itself and doesn't add the ringtone to my sounds. HELP PLEASE!!! I thought I was doing everything right and I don't understand why the Palm restarts and doesn't add the song to sounds and alerts...Thanks!
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    Have you tried another noise file? If not, have you tried creating another one and giving that one a try?
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    Hi, I think I read somewhere (maybe the place I downloaded it from) that musictones (also free) was actually better suited to working on the Centro and later Treos?

    Perhaps you could also try that if the other suggestion doesn't sort out your problem?
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    Somewhat better, though I have used both. My suggestion and preference is to use a ring tone management application - saves memory and allows more customization.
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    I agree bclinger. I swapped to using phonetechnician (hobbyist software) and it was the best program, I thought, for managing ringtones. I also like Ringo Pro.
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    RingCare Desktop works great for me. It's not free ($14.95) but an easy to use program.
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    I also have RingCare Desktop. If one wants to convert for free, there is also Switch - If you are doing a bunch of conversions, Switch is a better alternative.
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    Thanks for all the help!

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