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    My only choice in Prefs-General-Default Apps for email is "Messaging". I believe it used to be "Chatter" or "Messaging", but I've since stopped using Chatter and begun using Versamail. How do I set Versa as default? Anyone else have this problem? In Takephone "Helpers", I only have "Messaging" as my email helper, as well.

    Treo 680-T-Mobile.
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    I thought Messaging was texting. Have you uninstalled ChatterEmail and executed a soft reset?
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    Yeah-Messaging is text, not sure why it shows up in "email". No, I haven't uninstalled Chatter. Will try it!
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    No luck after uninstalling chatter/resetting. Still only get "messaging" as an option.
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    Have you installed a custom ROM that does not include Versamail?
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    Where is the sign................
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    Where is the sign................
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    If it is not in ROM or RAM, then it is just not there. You say you have uninstalled ChatterEmail and reinstalled it and it is not coming up as an option? Did you configure ChatterEmail properly? Take a look in System Preferences and see if the "Set Default Email App to Chatter" is enabled.
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    The thing is, i'm looking for Versa to be my default, not Chatter. When Chatter was my default, it did show up in the list. When Chatter was in my system, Versa wasn't a default option, nor is it now that Chatter's out. I'm assuming it's bc the ROM update took it off. However, I hard reset/selective restored, so Versa was back for use (but not as default). I'm very certain that before I deleted Chatter, I deselected it as "default app" in Chatter prefs.
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    Guess I'm out of luck...
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    It was a CleanStart issue-didn't have "Email" checked to load on startup.
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    Ok, that does make sense. This application and the other one like it, UnCache (the name is a bit misleading) do have one thing in common: you install it, set it up and forget about it and once you forget about it...problems arise and the scratching begins.

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