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    I recently moved from Treo 650 to Centro.

    The price point for the Centro ($100 after discounts and rebates and 2 year service plan) is very good. (Throw in a $30 SERO plan and it's unbeatable.)

    Things I like about Centro
    1. No more external antenna.
    2. Smaller form factor
    3. faster internet speed

    Things I miss about Treo 650
    1. better keyboard design, materials, feel and layout (wider)

    In 2 or 3 years when I upgrade again, I will probably go back to the latest version of the Treo mostly because I'm willing to give up smaller form factor for a wider keyboard layout. Hopefully by then the price for the Treo line will be as affordable as the current Centro. I think Palm is still doing a fine job. Thier current line is considerably better than the brick of a smartphone I had just 4 years ago: Visorphone - Handspring PDA with Sprint phone module. Anybody remember that setup?
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