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    I need to know since(as,like) I can change the ESN of my Treo Centro, since in my country it is allowed, but not since(as,like) it is done. Thank you for his(her,your) help.
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    I have a headache from reading the original post.
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    Judging from the title and the way the post is (over) worded, I'm guessing that it was run through one of those automatic translators that converts a different language into english.

    I know of no other explanation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetfreak View Post
    I have a headache from reading the original post.
    Yeah me too. After I got the headache I laughed.
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    "I need to know how I can change the ESN of my Centro, since this is allowed in my country. But I don't know how to change it. Thankyou for your help."

    I think *this* is what the message is saying?
    After a day reading Grade 5 stories, this attempt at English translation is so much easier to read! And sadly enough, better worded!
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