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    Everytime I click on an attachment in Versamail, I get a soft reset. I've seen other threads where the same complaint was mentioned. I deleted the "MM...attachment" file in FileZ, but that didn't do anything. IS there a work around?
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    Is the attachment a word doc? - thus trying to open docs-to-go to read it?

    When there's insufficient memory, Palm/Treo does a soft reset. Check to see if you have enough memory to open the app that will display the attachment.

    Another option is to save the attachment to the card, then run the app to open that file, i.e. save doc to a folder on the SD card, then find it in the index when you run docs-to-go.
    If it's a jpg photo - save to card and view with built in viewer or 3rd party app.

    Hope you get the gist. Palm/Treo has very minimal error detection/display codes. I have found majority of soft resests due to memory issues.
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    Good thoughts! How do I check to see if I have sufficient memory to open it?
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    Not a memory issue, apparently.

    I don't seem to be able to access the document enough in Versa to save it to the card, before it resets.
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    To check memory, in any category ('home page'- where you see program icons) -> menu->apps->info

    Back to attachments in Versamail
    Attachments are at the bottom of the email with a yellow square/folder to the left of the attachment.

    Tap this yellow folder and a mini pop-up menu appears: view, select viewer, save

    I would suppose you'ld get a reset if you chose/tap 'view' - that's the same as tapping the attachment itself

    So tap 'save' and you're given the choice to save to the card. It's beyond the scope here how to create folders on the SD card to save to (the free app 'Filez' does this).
    So save the attachment to the card. And as stated previously use whatever app to 'read' the attachment.
    (I do this so I can access the attachment without having to first use versamail - the same way I view/save attachments on my PC)

    I have a Treo 650 which only has 23 MB of memory.
    Later Treos have more memory and thus should be more tolerant. There are submemory systems in the Treo that can give rise to problems.

    Hope this helps

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