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    Okay, I had some problems transferring old data from my old 700p to my new VZW Centro....So, I did a hard reset on my Centro and started to transfer data and programs one-by-one for a clean install. Before I had hard rest, I did run "My Centro" on my Centro (which was originally on the Main category) and on the third tab, there was Bonus software available for download for me.

    After I did a hard reset, I went back to "My Centro" and now when I click on the 3rd tab labeled Bonus Software, there is nothing for me to download. I tried to register for MyPalm on "My Centro" and it won't let me register, it keeps asking for my e-mail and I submit it and it re-ask for it again.

    Please help!! My first Centro problem (plus I know I'll have to change my screen name as do I do that on Treocentral?)

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    Thanks a million ....I knew I shouldn't have gotten the Centro the same weekend I was working and trying to transfer all my stuff from the 700p to the Centro....However, I got the Centro fully up and running for work by Sunday. Now, I need to transfer ringtones, pictures, and install Java to run a couple Java programs on the Centro.

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    I spent an easy 8 hours moving it all over, and getting it dialed in
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    Yup, so far spent 6 hours, will probably spend another 2 hours tonight!

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    I spent an easy 8 hours moving it all over, and getting it dialed in
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    Interesting, I went back to MyCentro and now it's working and I just reigstered MyCentro....not sure what happened before
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    Strange question. When you transfer your number from one device to another, do they have to reset the phone in the process???

    The reason I'm asking is I should be receiving my phone tomorrow, and I was going to transfer over as much information as I could through hot sync. (calender memo's etc. etc.)
    The only problem is this week is packed with last minute wedding planning, so I probably won't have a chance to transfer over my number until the weekend.

    I don't want to take the time to transfer some things over, only to have them wiped off when I transfer the #.

    Its my first smart phone, so I'm not quite sure what will happen.
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