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    hi all,
    i am so frustrated with my battery performance.

    from PowerHero log, my drain rate with phone on, no bluetooh, no IR and no network has been 70mA to 80mA every 5 minutes.

    i wonder what it's like for y'all ?

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    There are several threads on this board that address this issue. Download the most current Powerhero beta, it also has some functionality to help with this. A soft reset usually gets the Centro back under control.
    Mark Bergman
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Bergman View Post
    A soft reset usually gets the Centro back under control.
    While sometimes that helps, I've also found that (sometimes) I need to remove the battery and leave it out for 5 mins or so and put it back it to reset this heavy drain condition. Other times, it takes several resets to fix it. It is possible to know when the heavy drain sets-in by using TreoBattery.PRC and enabling the "Turn on orange LED in REM sleep" option (though the Centro does not have an Orange LED, it lights up Green.
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    thank YOU guys. appreciate the responses.

    you're great !
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    I've looked everywhere I can think of for this TreoBattery.prc but have not found it yet.

    Location please.
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    Thanks! I just could not find that program.

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