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    I just bought a 4GB microSDHC card for my Centro and put a few pictures and MP3 files on it, but when I click on the SD card tab (at the top of the screen where I can choose what icons to display on my main screen), it doesn't show that anything is there, yet when I tap the menu button that says *Card info* it say that I have audio and image files.

    How do I get to the things that are on my SD card to show that they are there?

    Also, how do I get ringtones on this phone (I want to make them from my iTunes playlist if it's possible). I've done searches here, but they just got me more confused that I already am. I have a PC with XP if that makes any difference.

    (sorry for all the questions, I'm a newbie when it comes to all this higher tech stuff )
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    To look at files on your card download fileZ, it's free.
    To make ring tones from mp3 download MiniTones, it's free.
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    The place where you are trying to look will only show palm apps that are located in the Palm\Launcher directory on the card.

    To play the music, you could use Filez or Files. You can also open up PocketTunes and have it search and find the files and play from there.

    For the picts, put them in subfolders under a DCIM directory on the card. You can then view them through the Pics and Videos app.
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    Thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by floridatony View Post
    To make ring tones from mp3 download MiniTones, it's free.
    Not working

    It keeps telling me that I must be registered to download (crazy thing is that I am registered and logged in )

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