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    Is the Centro's touchscreen less sensitive than that of other Palm handhelds?

    The reason I ask is that I picked up a GSM Centro (AT&T) (purchased @ WalMart) last Friday when upgrading my contract. The touch screen actually requires a firm press to register any of the taps. I have recalibrated the digitizer.

    It doesn't have a screen protector installed and I've tried multiple (good) styli.

    I have been comparing it to some of my other Palms (Treo 680, Treo 650, TX, Tungsten E, CLIE TH55...) and they all respond as soon as a very light tap is made. I can actually lightly move the stylus all over the Centro's screen and it does not respond unless pressure is applied firmly.

    I would appreciate your thoughts as to if this is normal behavior for the Centro and if not whether or not it should be replaced (I am still in warranty).


    - Brian
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    There has been some complaint that it is less sensitive. Consensus seems to be that it is due to the "installed, permanent" screen protector.
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    With the built-in protector and an aftermarket one, I have to tap more firmly on my centro than on others.
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    It's made even worse by the lousy plastic stylus.
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    Yes, it does feel less sensitive, even if you use a different stylus. You get used to it after a little while though.
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    I have never owned a Treo, so to me, the touchscreen feels pretty sensitive, even with a screen protector. What you can do is bring your phone to an ATT store and compare it to their display. If you do have a problem with the touchscreen, you can get an exchange immediately. But whatever you do, put a screen protector on it. Better safe then sorry...
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    confirmed... the screen is less sensitive than my previous TREO 650
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    Thanks to each of you for your input. It is much appreciated.

    I've upgraded to a higher quality stylus (one from the T3) and found it to be much more tolerable.

    Thanks again!
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    Coming from a treo 650 and 680 I kind of like the harder to engage screen - I was forever cutting off callers when putting the phone to my ear and the 650 or 680's screen would register a hang up.

    I have installed a screen protector over the already "installed" screen protector on the Centro but don't notice that it is any more difficult to use since I did.

    I do find that I use the nav key more often than I take out the stylus.

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    I have found the same thing just upgrading yesterday from a 700p.

    Can anyone recommend a good replacement stylus? Most of the ones I see include a pen, which I don't need. Someone mentioned the T3 stylus... is that a heavier, sturdy one?

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