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    Hi everyone, recently got the excellent Centro, brilliant little smartphone but having a problem with the email. I've set up Versamail with Gmail and while I can send emails via it for some reason it wont retrieve any mail.

    Any suggestions?
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    two things to check:

    - did you set up autosync in the versamail on treo?
    - did you turn on IMAP access in gmail?

    Also check palm's knowledge online and/or do a search here for more info.

    good luck and enjoy your centro.
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    Changed my post as I think this is the answer:
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    Cheers for the answers tried both but still nothing. Have installed the trial of Chatter Email, it works! Going to tinker with it a bit but reckon I may just buy it...
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    SnapperMail enterprise edition works remarkably well with Google iMap and POP3
    ...and I use the corporate Gmail
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    Cheers for the suggestion, might try the trial of that too.
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    Chatter's the way togo. Purchased yesterday as they had a 25% discount which at that price is substantial. This is good until June 30th

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