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    I searched first... but what does the following mean?
    • An article on PalmInfocenter (25-Feb-2008) actually mentions, "A second interesting fact revealed in the FCC documentation is that the device does indeed have Bluetooth 2.0 radio hardware built-in, despite being advertised as being only Bluetooth 1.2 compliant. This is likely due to the aging Garnet OSís Bluetooth stack not supporting the newer 2.0 protocols."
    • After pairing my Centro with my laptop (Vista) and open "Bluetooth Devices" -> "Centro" Properties, -> Services, there is a checkbox with the following text "Headset Audio Gateway"
    • If one goes to "Audio" its there for all to see next to "Centro" - "Telephony Audio Gateway"
    Anybody figured this out? What does it do? Can one make a call and use the laptop as a speaker phone? or a car with BT stereo? Or listen to music on my laptop/ car with BT etc.?

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    Just because the chipset used in the Centro is BT 2.0 compliant, it doesn't mean the OS is. Palm has never and most likely never will get around to try and hack full 2 BT 2.0 and/or A2DP functionality into Garnet.

    We covered this one (I believe Tam's Palm originally found this out) a while back...but the general concensus is that no matter what appears, unless you use AudioGateway, you can only do file transfers/OBEX, mono telephony headset usage, and DUN using Garnet's standard BT functionality.
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