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    I just got this phone. Actually I was given this phone. I love it and have already been playing with all kinds of apps. I'm on day 3 at this point. I'm told there is a way to put videos on it. The story I heard was a friend of a friend had a full movie on his. If that can be done I would love to know how. Any information would be great. I would like to able to do it with a free and/or open source application.

    Also, I do not yet has a memory card for my Palm so I'm dealing with the 60mb internal that is made available to the user on the phone. This seems to be enough for normal use and even a little play. I'll be getting a memory card soon regardless, but for now I wanted to see how the MP3s work on it, and I can't get them to load with out a memory card. Is there something I'm missing? I would like to put one on there just to see. I do know I can't do a lot of MP3s with that little space.

    Any input would be nice. I know very little about the device as far as apps go right now and I'm just trying to catch up a little. Thanks for the time you took to read my questions.
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    I can tell you that you want a card ASAP. Pictures take up quite a lot of space and videos are unreal, including the ones you take with the camera. If you can find a microSD card with a mini adapter it would be best as the micro seems to be the preffered card for future Palm phones and will work on any with the right adapters. Once your phone starts eating into the main memory it could start resetting to help clear itself up. You can find them at very low prices on

    To show movies there is a free ap that installs well on the card and that's called TCPMP ( I think it will do everything you're wanting.

    And be sure to thank whoever gave you a 755 extremely well.
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    There is a rather lengthy thread with detailed instrucitons on how to convert moview to use with TCPMP.
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    Thanks for the answers guys. I'm getting a memory card next week.

    I just started working for Alltel and they gave me one as a 'work' phone. My boss told me to go play with it so I am. He loves that it has so many apps out there for it and wants me to get as much as I can so I can show it off. He even offered to trade me his Blackberry Curve 8330 for it. So I'll be getting my memory card and blue tooth free soon as well. So yeah, thanks Alltel.

    And thanks again for the answers guy.

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