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    I have been doing the recent updates, and have noticed the youtube icon. As far as I can tell, you can't cut and paste, can't search, and can't launch coreplayer from blazer. There are menu links to "most popular" and "most linked" etc that all seem to go to videos pitched to teenagers. Do I have this basically right?

    I enjoy the program for viewing files I have downloaded, but as far as I can tell, the streaming capabilities are pretty useless for anyone not starstruck on teen fare. anybody able to make it work for other streaming content?
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    Well, the search function is useful. I find that, when I want to search for something, I use coreplayer. When I want to do something more complicated, I go to, and either watch videos from there or save the videos to my favorites & switch to coreplayer to watch.
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    wow thanks. I just found the search window. that solves my problem.

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