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    is there any FREE app that will allow me to password protect certain memos?
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    is there any FREE app that will allow me to password protect certain memos?
    If I highlight the memo name on my 680, go into the Menu and click on "SECURITY" I have the option to hide (aka password protect) it. That's built in to the phone.
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    i have that too on my 650. there also something called mask, and it says if u type in a password...blah blah blah...but i have nowhere to type in a password.

    anyone who picks up my phone can click on show all and be able to read them.

    i want to be able to type in a password to access my memos.
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    Clicking on Show All forces a passwoed prompt if you have a password assigned in the Security app. Try setting a password in Security and then repeat the instructions above.
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    when i am in memos, i goto options, then security

    i hit mask records...

    i click on the memo i was to be private..
    i click details
    i check the box next to private
    i hit done

    now the line is masked where it doesnt show the title and has a lock next to it.

    when i click it it goes right into the memo without asking for a password...
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    But do you have a "master password" assigned in the security app?
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    no such thing as a master password
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    Yes it is it is the password for your Palm
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    well thganks for telling me its in not in the memo section... i didnt notice 'security' had its own program....

    thanks guys.

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