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    Yesterday all was fine. I have not installed or tweaked anything. Today I have not been able to access my GMail account via ChatterEmail or VersaMail. I have also not been able to get internet access via Blazer except for one or two pages which may be because they are already cached. When I got home I fired up my computer and access to GMail via Firefox is fine. Tried the phone (Palm Treo 650) and all is still not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    could be a phone problem or an account problem. You should probably start by giving your service provider a call. (I'm assuming you did try turning the radio off and then back on correct?)
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    Yes. Even removed the battery to force a completely reboot. Went to GMail settings to disable then enable IMAP access too.
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    Well I rang them (Virgin Mobile Australia) and they offered to "reset" the connection and I would need to power off for 5 minutes before powering on again. Did that and it made no difference. Then I checked my TPG email account using VersaMail. It's a pop account and the settings have not changed since I set them up two months ago. It worked. So does that mean the GMail pop access (and IMAP access via ChatterEmail) are the cause?

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