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    Once again I turn to the Oh So Brilliant Denizens of TreoCentral...

    What I am looking for is an Treo 680 friendly application that:
    • allows me to input vehicle mileage for business trips
    • allows me to input the time I spend on a client

    It would be a bonus if it:
    • integrates with Quickbooks
    • has a desktop component for entering data

    I am even willing to pay for it!

    Any suggestions?
    You folks haven't let me down yet!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Wow! Nothing - zip - nada - goose egg - zilch - naught - nix.

    First time this forum has let me down...

    I can't believe this isn't something of more general interest. Apps like this do exist for "the other guys"

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    Have you considered it possible that no one has had the opportunity to look or respond? Let down? Give them some time.
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    maybe Alltime (by Iambic) or Time to Time

    both go for 50$ at Handango
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    bclinger, if you look at the dates on the posts, you'll see that over 3 weeks have passed between the first and second post. That should be plenty of time for people to find the thread and respond to it if they had information.

    I didn't see this thread until just now, and about all I can suggest offhand is the free program called Timesheet. I use this for tracking my time on projects at work, and it works well enough for what I need to do. It might be worth considering. I hope this helps.
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    currently i'm using SDSTime
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    If you want a client/server solution, Basecamp has time tracking system built in and you can update it via the treo browser. Not sure if this is something you are looking for.

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