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    I have been happily using my treo 650 for over a year. I got a new PC that has Vista on it. I want to now sync my Outlook to my phone. I'm willing to wipe everything out on the phone (pictures, applications, email, contacts, etc.) and "start over", but still want it to "know" my phone number and be able to receive calls.

    I downloaded and installed Palm Desktop 6.2.2 (came with Hotsync Manager 7.0.2) on Vista. I use KeySuite as well.

    Now, I cannot seem to figure out how to sync my Outlook contacts to my old Treo 650 phone. I changed the conduit to "PC overwrites phone" and I ran PIM-Conduit Sync-Sync with Outlook. but still my new contact information doesn't show up on the phone. Any clues?

    Do I need to do a zero-out reset? If I do do a zero-out reset, will I need to bring this to Sprint so they can program in the phone number?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well, I think I solved my problem. I realized I forgot to install KeySuite on my new computer. Once I installed that and synced a couple of times (being sure to change my settings to "Desktop overwrites handheld"), I now have my proper contacts on the Treo 650. Thanks to anybody that read this and replies or was going to reply. Maybe I'll help someone else out!

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