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    My 700wx just died. They are replacing it, but I've been thinking about other options and I'd like anyone's input here. Basically, what I need is the following:

    Activesync email that is instant - my father had a 700p at it was only selectable to check every hour, but I believe I remember reading that it is now always connected, but not sure.

    HTML email would be a major plus, but not a deal breaker since I don't have it now

    Web browsing similar to desktop, not mobile browsing like pie has. I use netfront and skyfire and both are very much like desktop - the key would be OWA to view html email...

    Remote Desktop - either through a terminal service, or other, but something to be able to connect to the home computer.

    So, would the 755p be able to handle this? Any input would be greatly apprecaited.
    Thank you!

    oh, edited to add that I'm on verizon, don't think it makes a difference since I believe they are both the same, but...
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    By activesync email do you mean EAS? EAS is instant delivery. If you use something like imap or pop accounts you will need a push service like Mobipush or mail2web live to get push mail.

    There's several remote desktop methods (browser based and app based).
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    The application that you can purchase called ChatterEmail will also give true push email for IMAP.
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    Thanks for the info - I use exchange, yes. And, as I mentioned, I set it up with my fathers 700p but it did not list the option for an always on connection, just to check periodic email. Also, the sync of calendar/contact is more than useful as my current phone up and died and it's not a problem (at least in that respect
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    You can always use NVBackup and selectively restore your contants and calendar also.

    EAS should always remain connected on the 755p. I and others on this board have used it.

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