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    Well big shocker I received a notice today telling me that they were unable to process my rebate because my request failed to meed the following requirements.
    "the purchase date on the cash register receipt or packing slip is either missing or not within the valid dates of this offer."

    So I called them, and spoke to a guy who said I sent in the wrong rebate form for my phone, as I purchased it on 4-28 08, but the rebate was only for Jan 20 through 4-7-08. Now I know this is not true as I checked 3 times before mailing it off to make sure everything was in order. He said that he re entered it under the correct form, and that I would get the rebate in an additional 3-6 weeks.

    Which of course causes me to have to keep paying the ridiculous 30 bucks a month extra on the data plan until then. I knew I should have just bought the phone and not bothered with the rebate, but now I want it to recoup some of this garbage data plan cost to me.

    So has anyone else had this come up with AT & T as well?

    And any suggestions on how to handle it until I get the card which will be of course given back to then to pay the phone bill before dropping the data plan.

    I guess I will have to babysit it until then.
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    They will send you a text when the rebate goes through.
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    I got mine through sprint, and they sent me a $250 rebate back.

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