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    Yesterday I decided to hard reset my Visor because it was getting messy (software install, software delete, repeat, repeat, etc) and sometimes unstable. One app I tried that I hadn't fiddled with in a long time was MegalauncherII. All I can say is WOW! This little baby has many many features built into it. Last time I tried it there were about half the features. It even looks great in 4 greyscale levels and if pretty icons are your thing then if you install SilverScreen and use it to change the icons to the pretty ones, those icons will remain in Megalauncher!

    I just thought I'd give this a plug since it seems to have come a long ways since I tried it under a year ago. I was a SilverScreen user until yesterday but got pretty tired of the long refreshes ('cause as we all know 2 seconds is like an eternity ).

    I am in no way affiliated with whoever makes this app (I forget now... hehe) so don't regard this as spam. I'm just a happy new user!


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    i agree, great software, very functional... it blows silverscreen away

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