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    I am in the market for a case for my new Treo 755P. I upgraded from the Treo 700P and I don't like the old case anyway, but also, it doesn't fit the new phone.
    Is anyone in love with their new case/holder for their phone? I prefer leather (not a hard case), but will try anything.
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    That's like asking what's the best car? However, I highly recommend a Nutshell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    That's like asking what's the best car? However, I highly recommend a Nutshell.
    Wow, that is very expensive, looks nice though.
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    Look no further. SENA case is where you need to be. I've experimented with just about every type of case there is. Go to this link and choose a color:
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost View Post
    That's like asking what's the best car? However, I highly recommend a Nutshell.
    i second third and fourth that , very happy with my case and they custom made me one
    nutshell is the best
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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    I have been using this clear hard case for about 2 months now and like it so far. However, it definitely does not seem as "solid" as some of the other hard cases out there.

    If you prefer leather, I have also used Krusell cases in the past and was very satisfied with them.

    I need to look into these nutshell cases myself tho... first I've heard of them.

    Just my .02.... L8R
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    IMO, if $ is no object, then a Vaja i-Volution or a Nutshell case (I personally like their pouch cases).

    Since $ is an issues for most folks, the Fortte , Krussell & Sena leather cases are pretty nice, if you can spend $35-$50. I also have a CaseMate leather shell case and it's very solid for the money.

    For the cheaper or non-leather options, I like the Seidio rubberized shell and/or the Seidio clear hard plastic shell case as well.
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    I have the crystal clear case. Its perfect.
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    I have been happy with this one. Has a belt clip on the holster so it doesn't hang out too far.
    Offers outstanding protection (almost too much tho - must remove phone for resets and heavy screen tapping) and build quality seems very good.

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    I just received this for less than $7 and it very good so far. Admittedly, I've only had it for a couple weeks but so far so good. FTR, I have owned treo's since 2000 and this is probably my 10th case.
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    I have been engaged in this search for my Treo 755p as well.

    The first case I got was the clear hard case from ebay for a coupla bucks. I like that, but was concerned that when I dropped my Treo (which I've done only once), the case broke apart and the unit was left 'naked.'

    I then tried a Krusell case, because I love the Krusell flip case on my T|X. The first one I tried was the Cabriolet, but that case covers the screen, making touchscreen activities a challenge to say the least, and the bottom leather slips over the lower buttons either on one side or the other.

    So then I tried a different Krusell case which is more of a pouch, but it isn't designed precisely for the Treo and, frankly, it's an aweful fit.

    I also got the Javoedge hard case which is clear in front and hard metal in the back. That's a great case for when I take the Treo into rugged environments, but none of these cases felt very good in my pocket.

    I finally returned to the clear hard plastic case, which feels fine in the pocket, doesn't add any more heft, and works just fine for me.

    I would probably prefer a glove-like fitting leather case (but I don't like the silicon 'skins' for the phone), but I haven't found one that will fit properly AND keep the SD card slot and IR slots clear.

    I like the thread, though and I'd like to see what others have found.

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