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    I'll ask in here, mods if you think it should move....

    Anyway, I've had my 680 for around 18 months now. I like it, it works for me, no reason to get a new phone at this point.

    However! AT&T has pissed me off greatly over data charges that I could not have incurred. (I was on a plane with the phone turned off. Hit me for $49.67 while on that flight from Montreal to Chicago )

    So, I'm looking for info on who likes T-Mobil, and I think I can use my 680 on the Sprint network as well from what I've read here.

    Any thoughts on either would be welcome.

    Some details, I travel. All over the US and Canada, as well as the UK and Europe, and I've even been to the land down under. With AT&T/Cingular, things have been fine until this last trip to Montreal, pricey at times, but nothing outta hand. This was the first time I got hit with a charge that was complete BS. The worst part was they tried to make it out as if it was possible for this to have happened. And here I am thinking that 15 years of loyalty would mean something to these people!!

    At the very least, I am about to call and demand they unlock the phone. Heading to London soon and will be putting a local sim in just so I don't use my AT&T sim while there.

    Thanks in advance....
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    The 680 will not work on Sprint, Alltel, or Verizon. It is a GSM phone so your choices are AT&T, TMobile, and any little regional GSM providers (if any in that area).

    Is it possible that you were leaning on the button and turned the radio on and off a couple of times? I've had that happen on my 700p when I fell asleep on a plane.
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    no, :lol: but thanks for asking.

    Wonder what I read that said the 680 would work on Sprint?? I'll have to re-read!

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