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    Hope to get the vzw centro in the next few days. Have a 650 now. How do I get all my data over to it. Do I give it a new device name? I figure if I do that, I can still use both devices. So I would then sync centro to outlook address book to get my phone book and calendar over. Then the other apps I use are 1)splashid for pwd/login info. Hope I can just re install this and when I sync from my computer, it will get my host splash id data. 2)pdanet. someone told me that I need to purchase another copy, not sure if it is true. 3)pdf reader, but heard that centro comes with that native 4)resco explorer, and 5)... a bunch of free SW that I can just re install. Can anyone comment on the procedure. I understand doing a clean re install is the best way to go.
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    Have you glanced through the forums on this yet? This has been discussed in depth before If you want to sync to different devices, you have to have 2 user names. If you want to use 1 user name with 2 devices, you need to rename the backup folder on the desktop. Really, this has been answered bunches of times.
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    I understand doing a clean re install is the best way to go.
    So why not do this? Yes it is more work, but it will be worth it.
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    A clean install produces the least problems.

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